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EP119 Your Questions Answered about Seller Financing

When it comes to Finding the Money for your purchase of a home or investment property, Seller Financing can help you avoid traditional lenders while setting terms that work for both the buyer and seller.

From a seller's standpoint, seller financing can help you maintain a steady income, while spreading out the tax consequences of a sale.

But with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, a lot of investors are unsure whether Seller Financing is still a viable strategy.

Luckily, the RPOA held, and recorded, an expert panel at it's annual conference where we discussed how Seller Financing works, the legalities to be aware of, and how to do it right.  Here are the experts you will hear from:

David Hill, a Real Estate Attorney with Barnes & Thornburg LLP.  His specialties are Real Estate and Finance Law.  David was also a guest on the podcast – episode #12

Justin Workman, a Residential Redevelopment Specialist, landlord, investor and home buyer.  His company is Work’n It Properties LLC, and Justin has experience with various types of seller financing.  Justin was also a guest on the podcast – episode #3, 51 & 67

Javier Rodriguez, a real estate broker at Lake Michigan Realty Management who has sold over 500 properties in Kent County.  He’s also a former loan originator with experience providing his clients with seller financing options.

Steve Whitteberry has 10 years experience as a real estate investor in West Michigan.  He’s done fix & flips, buy/repair & holds, and he’s purchased properties using seller financing and has sold four properties using Seller Financing out of his Self-Directed IRA.  Steve has been on the podcast several times, Ep #19 & 20

There is a lot of great information packed into this episode that I know you're going to enjoy and profit from.  Please take a moment to go to itunes to give us a five-star rating and review.


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