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EP260 Taking Calculated Risks in Commercial Real Estate during the Coronavirus Pandemic with Johnny Merritt

Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during this Covid-19 pandemic, and Commercial real estate is no exception.  So how can real estate investors and professionals stay ahead of the curve, and what type of calculated risks could actually be beneficial for commercial real estate?

Today, we’re going to talk with an attorney who’s 30 years of experience has given him insight into how to navigate this crisis in order to survive the rapidly changing commercial office and retail real estate market.

Johnny Merritt is a Texas-based attorney experienced in complex corporate and real estate matters. He represents billion-dollar corporations and multi-million-dollar real estate developers.  And today he’s going to help us understand the extent of the damage to commercial real estate as the opportunities in this arena.  We’re also going to discuss how landlords can work with their tenants to either forgive or defer payments, why you should always look for the ‘right of first refusal’ clause in a contract, and how fractional general counsel arrangements can save you money and avoid legal problems.

I know you’ll enjoy today’s episode, especially the free legal insight and experience!  Johnny can be contacted through his website @ https://johnnymerritt.com

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