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EP018 Overcoming Setbacks, What happens when a deal falls through, Private Money and Finding the Funds to do your deals with Keith Littlepage

Many experienced investors can share this story: the one about the deal they chased for months or years, spent countless hours and phone calls and emails and money on, invested all their energy and emotion into, and no matter how hard they tried, it just wouldn't close, it couldn't close, and eventually they had to admit defeat and walk away.

Dealing with these types of setbacks can be devastating.  But learning to overcome them can be life changing.

Today we discuss what happens when 'failure is not an option' turns into 'failure is inevitable' with Keith Littlepage, a successful investor and business owner who is brave enough to share his story of the Florida land deal that almost broke him and the aftermath that no one could have expected.

Keith will also discuss his use of private money, and an unlikely funding source he's discovered that has been a 'game changer' for him.

To Contact Keith go to blueskiesfunding.com


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