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EP311 What He Learned as an Elite Army Ranger That Propelled His Wholesaling Business to Six-Figures While Maintaining a W-2 Job With Dan Austin

My guest today is implementing the skills he learned in the Army as a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment to scale his wholesaling business to 6 figures while maintaining his W-2 job.

Dan Austin is the owner of INW Properties, a completely virtual company primarily focused on the acquisition of small multi-family and single-family homes. They wholesale, flip, and BRRRR their own deals and currently hold a portfolio of 25 doors.

Today, Dan and I discuss what it means to be ‘elite’ and push for the best outcome in business. Dan talks about several pivotal actions he took to find success in real estate investing—from the decisive conversation he had with a co-worker that led to his first two student housing rentals, to the decision he and his partner made to start their own business and find training and mentorship to ensure its success.

You’ll also learn how Dan built a virtual company, who he has on his team, and the incentivization structure that led to more deal flow. I know you’ll enjoy this conversation with Dan. You can find out more about him on Instagram @investormandan, or his podcast “Collecting Keys Podcast".

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