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EP114 Raising Other People's Money through Syndication and Crowdfunding with Bootstrap Legal Founder & CEO Amy Wan

Raising Other People's Money to invest in real estate is a time honored tradition.  But did you know that once you have more than two investors in an investment that you technically have a syndication?  Are you also aware that the Security and Exchange Commission (The "SEC") has rules regulating how you go about raising that money and the types of investors you can allow in your deals, and that if you don't follow those rules you can get into serious trouble?

Now that I've made syndications sound scary, its a good time to make them more understandable and accessible with Amy Wan, the Founder & CEO of Bootstrap Legal.  Amy is an attorney who specializes in real estate syndication and crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and real estate investors across the globe.  Her mission is to democratize access to legal counsel and capital.

Amy will help us understand what we can, and can't, say to investors, the types of investors we can allow in our deal (accredited or sophisticated), SEC rules regarding Regulation D and exceptions 506B & 506C, the types of documents needed for syndicators, and how to avoid getting into trouble with the SEC.

We'll also discuss the pro's & con's of Regulation Crowdfunding and the ways it has changed raising money.

If you've ever considered using Other People's Money to accelerate your investment strategy, or you're already using OPM, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.

Amy can be contacted at www.bootstraplegal.com

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