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EP172 How He Grew from a 2-Unit to 640 Units, all in His Own Backyard with Jason Pero

Jason Pero bought his first duplex in 2001 and never looked back.  He quickly acquired more units, started a management company, and left his W-2 job by 2012.  He now owns over 650 Units that he manages through his company, Pero Real Estate, located in Erie Pennsylvania. 

Jason recently completed his first syndication of 86 units and is going to share with us how he structures his deals for investors.  We'll also learn how & why he prefers to acquire properties in his own backyard, off-market, and directly from sellers.  And Jason will share the tools and software he uses in his property management business.

Jason is also the President of his local REIA, the Apartment Association of North West Pennsylvania.  We discuss why its important to be active in your local real estate groups and how its helped both of us make huge progress in our investments while giving back to the investor community.

I know you're going to enjoy this conversation with Jason.  He shares a lot of the details on how he grew his portfolio, and how he and his wife were both able to leave their W-2 jobs.

Jason can be contacted by email at jasonpero@yahoo.com

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