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EP237 Mind-Blowing 1031 Exchange Strategies that will Shelter Your Profits from the IRS with Dave Foster

As real estate values increase, so too does the idea of selling your investment property and taking your profits off the table.  One of the major considerations in doing so however, are the tax consequences.  Many investors choose not to sell because they simply don’t want to pay taxes on their long-term gains.

There is a way, however, to take those gains and not pay taxes on them by transitioning those profits into a different investment property. I’m talking about the 1031 exchange, and it’s a tool that you can use to delay paying those taxes.

Dave Foster is a 1031 Exchange Expert, and he’s here today to help us understand how it works.  Dave is the Founder & CEO of the 1031 Exchange Investor, and he’s also a degreed accountant and serial real estate investor, as well as a qualified intermediary and consultant.  Today he’s going to share his tax saving strategies in order to help you maximize your real estate investment returns.

We’ll be discussing the timeline you must follow when doing a 1031 exchange, why you must have a qualified intermediary, the types of properties and investments you can do this with, and whether or not you can 1031 into a syndication.  Dave also shares some great examples and unique 1031 strategies that I guarantee will make you say 'Wow'!

If you’ve ever considered selling an investment property and sheltering your profits through a 1031 exchange, you’ll definitely want to hear what Dave has to say.  You can contact Dave through his website www.the1031investor.com

The 1031 Exchange order form that gets listeners a $50 discount is www.the1031investor.com/podcast

Dave can be reached at 850-889-1031 and at dave@the1031investor.com.

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