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EP080 Buying the Note and Taking Control of a Property for Pennies on the Dollar with Gene Chandler

Many investors are struggling to find deals in this tight real estate market, and ending up increasingly frustrated by the lack of inventory and high asking prices they're encountering in the Primary market in which these properties are traded.

But there is a Secondary market in which these properties can be acquired for a fraction of their value by purchasing the note, or underlying mortgage.

Gene Chandler, the Asset Manager for Chandler & Chandler Financial, LLC, is in the studio with me today to share his experiences over the past decade in buying one-off and small pools of distressed assets directly from banks, hedge funds, and private equity groups.

Gene will explain the differences between the primary and secondary markets, performing v.s. non-performing loans, and traditional rehabs and flips v.s. 'fixing' a note.

You'll also learn the lingo Gene uses when talking to the bank's special asset manager, the types of properties he prefers, and many examples of the notes he's purchased and the profits he's made.

There's a lot of great information packed into this episode.  If you've ever wondered what it takes to purchase the note directly from the lender, you owe it to yourself to check out this episode.

Gene can be contacted through his website or email:





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