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EP222 The Nitty-Gritty of Mobile Home Park Investing and Finding Success by Doing What Others Fear with Ryan Narus

Imagine what it’s like to get started in real estate investing when you have nothing.  No money, no experience and no network.  Now imagine you’re also in your 20’s and have more student loan debt than actual capital to invest in deals.  On top of that, you have a job in corporate America, but you’re still BROKE.

That is where today’s guest was 8 years ago.  Ryan Narus is a self-made real estate entrepreneur and accredited investor who started with nothing and now owns and operates 12 Mobile Home Parks spanning over 1,300 units.  He’s the co-founder of The Archimedes Group where he works at home, has 5 employees, and hosts his own podcast called ‘Mobile Home Parks in Real Life”.

Today Ryan is going to share why he was eager to sacrifice and do things others weren’t willing to do, so that he could live the life others only dream of.  We’re also going to discuss the nitty gritty of mobile home park investing, including the times Ryan has had his life threatened while confronting drug dealers on his properties.  Despite all this you’ll learn why Ryan has dedicated his business to this asset class.  You can contact Ryan through his website:  http://www.archimedesgrp.com


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