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EP307 How They Built Lean, Mean, Sales Systems to Close Hundreds of Wholesale and Rehab Deals with Tiffany and Josh High

Tiffany and Josh High are self-made real estate entrepreneurs based in Columbus, Ohio.  They’ve built a business acquiring and transforming residential real estate properties into high performing assets or flips and have closed hundreds of wholesales and rehab deals.  They’ve also built an active rental portfolio and coach real estate entrepreneurs on their systems of success.

Today Tiffany and Josh are going to discuss how they scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing their bottom-line profits.

You’ll learn how they onboard, manage and lead a lean mean sales team to produce millions in revenue, what led them to quit six-figure jobs, how it took six months and a loss of $100,000 before they made their first profit, and how Tiffany partnered with a Virtual Assistant company in Pakistan that allows investors to quickly streamline and copy her systems.

Tiffany also shares a story from the lowest point of their investing career when they thought they’d have to move in with her parents, and their one decision that immediately netted them over $200,000.  We’ll also discuss how they made $80,000 wholesaling a deal with one phone call.

I know you’re going to get incredible value from today’s conversation.  You can find out more about Tiffany and Josh and their systems through their website:  https://tiffanyandjoshhigh.com

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