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EP132 What Should I Do? Listener Questions with Mark Troy

As the host of this podcast, I enjoy getting questions from our listeners.  As a member of the RPOA, I love having experts on hand to help me answer those questions. 

Today Mark Troy joins me to answer listener questions and share his wisdom and experience gained over 18 years in the business.  Mark is the Managing Broker at Compass Realty Services and the Director of Real Estate Investment at Compass Property Management, both of which he is the original founder and co-owner.

Mark and I discuss whether one of our listeners should raise their tenant's rent, and under what conditions they shouldn't.  We also help a listener decide whether they should replace their roof for $12,000, or just patch it for the next 3 to 5 years for $1,500.

We also discuss the "End Game", and common exit strategies investors use to maximize their gains and take their chips off the table.

Mark also talks about 'Managing the Manager', and what he's noticing in today's market in terms of rent increases and sales volume.

Mark manages and has been involved in the acquisition of thousands of rental properties, so I know you're going to learn a lot from his unique perspective.

You can contact Mark through Compass Properties or his email:





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