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EP087 Fifty Dollars to Change a Toilet Paper Holder! - Is Professional Property Management Worth It? With James Loftus & Patrick Spitzley

This episode is dedicated to anyone who's ever owned rental property and has had to decide whether they should self-manage or hire a professional 3rd party property management company.

James Loftus and Patrick Spitzley are back in the studio to discuss their experiences managing their rental properties and then handing over their babies to someone else to take care of them.

We discuss the pro's & con's of professional management v.s. self-managing, getting rid of intrusive and demanding tenants, and whether or not your bottom-line numbers will improve with professional management.

James and Patrick also discuss why they chose not to start their own management companies, the lifestyle they've created with their free time, and whether or not $50 for changing a toilet paper holder is too expensive.

I know you're going to enjoy our conversation.  Stick around until the end to hear some bonus 'off-mic' content!

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