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EP303 Navigating Difficult Properties and Challenging Real Estate Markets while Investing in Working Class Communities with Yusef Alexander

Today we’re going to talk with an investor who got his start right out of college investing in challenging properties in difficult neighborhoods.  He lost time and money on his first several deals, but kept on going to become a successful long-term investor.

Yusef Alexander is a Real Estate Industry Thought Leader with more than 27 years of working-class, real estate industry experience.  He serves as VP & Chief business Development Officer at Real Estate Asset Partners and is involved in acquisitions, property management, leasing operations, and sales and marketing.

Today Yusef shares his real estate investing trajectory, from his early days in Los Angeles investing in marginalized neighborhoods, to Arizona, Chicago, and the Southern States where he’s been investing in apartment communities.   We’ll discuss how he enters a new market and creates ‘on-the-ground momentum’.  We’ll also talk about the emotional aspect of investing and it’s up’s & down’s, as well as the philosophy that keeps Yusef’s career in equilibrium.

I know you're going to gain a lot of knowledge from todays conversation.  You can contact Yusef by email: yusef@reap.capital

and website: https://reap.capital

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