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EP193 How He's Achieving His Goal of $50,000 Monthly Income with Nick Disney

If you had to guess the #1 reason  why many entrepreneurs and real estate investors fail, what would it be?  Lack of money?, Opportunities?, or Bad Timing?  According to my guest today, Lack of Focus and the inability to set Clear and Specific Goals is the number one reason.

Nick Disney has spent the past ten years learning how to implement strategic goals in order to build a portfolio of 17 rental properties and 20 performing notes.  He owns a real estate business called "Sell My San Antonio House" and specializes in the different aspects of real estate investing, self-development, entrepreneurship, and running a small business.

Today we'll discuss the importance of focusing on what exactly you're trying to achieve and how to break it down into the key activities you need to focus on each day.  Nick will relate these ideas to the specifics of how he achieved his goal of reaching $10,000 monthly income.

We'll also discuss the crossroads that investors come to and how they must shift their goals as they find success.  Nick reached that crossroad as a 'buy & hold' investor, and decided to shift his business to become the bank and hold the note.  He'll take us through the methodical process he went through to reset his goals in order to achieve $50,000 in monthly income from his business.

There's a lot of great actionable content in this episode, and Nick makes it accessible for all levels of real estate investor.  You can contact Nick by email or through his website:



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