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EP299 What You Need to Know about Generation Z Rental Trends and Coliving Housing with Johnny Wolff

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics – demographics.  Specifically, how Generation Z is going to amplify the trends that millennials have already established, such as delaying marriage and living with their friends into their 30’s. 

It pays to understand these trends and the disruption they create in the traditional rental housing market.  Concepts such as Shared Housing and Coliving are being monetized by savvy investors who see this as a lasting and lucrative trend.

My guest today is one of those investors.  Johnny Wolff has roots in Silicon Valley and is the CEO and Founder of HomeRoom Coliving, which is one of the fastest growing coliving companies in the United States.

Today Johnny is going to compare and contrast the Millenial and Gen Z demographics and explain the minimum and maximum technology and services they expect to encounter when renting.  Johnny will share the app he uses to create 3D tours, floor plans and dimensions of his properties, and the way he conducts his virtual tours and video interviews.

We’ll also talk about the type of property that works well for coliving, and how Johnny maximizes the space by adding bedrooms in order to increase rent income per square foot.

If you’re looking for ways to add upside value to the traditional rental housing model, then you definitely want to hear how Johnny is increasing net income by over 30%.  You can find out more about Johnny and HomeRoom Coliving through email: johnny@livehomeroom.com or website: https://livehomeroom.com

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