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EP065 UPDATE: Watch 2 Local RPOA Investors Make the Big-time on TV. "Gritty To Pretty" on DIY Network with Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta

This is a Special Re-Broadcast of last year's episode with Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta.  You can WATCH THEM This Saturday, March 3rd at 7 p.m. on the show "Gritty To Pretty" on the DIY Network.  HGTV has shown a strong interest in taking their show to series, so the more people who watch, the more likely we'll get to see more!

Whether you love or hate those HGTV shows on Rehabbing and Flipping, you're going to really enjoy today's conversation.

Ramon Huerta and Jeremy Cole host a 'Property Krawl' every month in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where they invite all levels of investors to accompany them on a tour of properties that are ripe for rehabbing, flipping, and buy & hold investing. 

Ramon is a realtor/investor, and he chooses the homes to view, while Jeremy uses his contractor skills to help others understand the costs involved in rehabbing the properties.  Together, they strive to help beginning investors understand the complexities of acquiring, rehabbing, and owning rental property, while sharing creative strategies with the more experienced investors who also join in.

We also discuss the economic dynamics of Kalamazoo, a city where you can still buy houses for under $10,000.

I highly recommend visiting the facebook page for 'Property Krawl', where you can see videos and photos of the events.  You should also take a moment to go to itunes where you can rate and review this podcast!


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