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EP077 Buying and Selling Apartment Communities with Costar Power Broker Al Beachum

If you're a buyer or seller of apartment communities in the Michigan and Ohio area, chances are you've talked to Al Beachum, an associate broker with Income Property Organization.

Al was recently named a 2016 Costar Power Broker with 47 commercial apartment transactions in 2016.  Since 2007 Al has brokered over 230 multifamily properties worth over a half-billion dollars.

Today Al and I discuss his legal background and how it gives him an edge in working through the complex legal challenges that often happen during acquisitions.  We also talk about the differences in scale and efficiencies between single family and apartment investing, and how to strategically deploy funds to improve apartment values.

Al works with a lot of first-time apartment investors and shares how he vets potential buyers to determine where their capital is coming from, whether they're properly funded, and what qualifications and track record they bring to the table.

We also discuss the Michigan market and Al's outlook on the changes he sees happening in the next several years.

If you're interested in investing in apartment communities, then this is a 'must-listen' episode!

You can contact Al through Income Property Organization's website:


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