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EP197 Turning Around Dire, Desperate, and Dangerous Properties While Under Extreme Pressure, with "Burn Zones" Author, Jorge P. Newbery

One of the Best Books I've read this year is "Burn Zones", by my guest today, Jorge P. Newbery.  In his book, Jorge tells a fascinating and brutally honest story of his rise from newspaper boy to Punk Rock Entrepreneur, from International Cycling Champion to Mortgage Broker, Distressed Apartment Investor, Publicly Vilified Landlord, and Socially Conscious Entrepreneur.

Today, we're going to focus on three crucial periods in Jorge's incredible life: His early beginnings as an entrepreneur in the 1980's Los Angeles Punk Rock scene, Why he bought a run-down apartment building when the city health inspector warned him he'd end up in jail, and what really happened at Woodland Meadows, an 1,100 unit apartment complex in Columbus Ohio that was nicknamed "Uzzi Alley" for all of the murders and gun violence that had occurred there.

There is nothing safe about this episode or Jorge's investing experiences.  Jorge's willingness to charge into challenges that other investor's would find impossible have made him hugely successful, and, as you'll discover, hugely controversial, politically condemned and ultimately, inspirational.

Along the way, Jorge has an enormous impact in his tenant's lives, and he continues to have an impact through his socially responsible hedge fund, American Home Owners Preservation.  He also hosts a Facebook live show called "Financial Freedom Fridays with Jorge P. Newbery".

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