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EP225 Will This Mastermind Group Help Him Dominate The Detroit Flipping & Rehab Market?  With Ramond Harris, Justin Workman, Patrick Spitzley & Stephen Benedict

Last year at the RPOA annual conference I met Ramond Harris for the first time.  After hearing his story about flipping, wholesaling and rehabbing in the Detroit area, I knew we needed to record a podcast.  You may remember the Mastermind conversation we had with friends of this show Justin Workman and Patrick Spitzley on episode #168 where we helped brainstorm ways Ramond could fix his broken business model, decrease his debt by shedding some unused assets, and set himself up for huge growth.

Now, a year later, we’ve all met back up at the RPOA 2020 annual conference and we’re going to mastermind again with Ramond to see what’s changed and how his business has progressed since we last talked.  We’ll also be discussing some new marketing and deal flow challenges that have cropped up, and how he might tackle them.

Joining us as well is Stephen Benedict, local Sheriff’s Sale Auction expert from episode #101, who has some valuable advice on how to beat out the competition at the auction table.

I know you’re going to enjoy this episode as much as I did.  Ramond is very open about the very common challenges he faces in his business.  You’ll also benefit greatly from the advice offered during the show.

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