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EP280 Exit Planning, Adjusting Your Expectations in a Hot Market, and The 48-Unit that Everyone Told Her Not to Buy, with Allison Koetsier

What I admire about today’s guest is that she is extremely strategic in her approach to real estate investing, fearless in the type of projects she takes on, and creative in the way she structures her deals and works with her clients.

Allison Koetsier is also a Top-Selling and Award-Winning Multi-Family broker with Compass Realty Services and a previous guest on this show.  Today we discuss why it's important to have a clear investment strategy & goal, the biggest mistake she sees first-time investors make, and why you need to build a great team.  We also discuss Exit Strategy and taking a holistic view of your portfolio to position it for your heirs and Legacy Wealth.

Allison also goes into detail on a 48-unit in Southern Michigan that everyone told her not to buy, and why she did it anyway and made an Infinite Return.  We’ll discuss why she was able to make such great returns in a tertiary market by spending $10,000 a door in improvements, and the factors that convinced her this was a project worth pursuing.

We’ll also talk about the conversations Allison is having with her clients in this incredibly hot market, as well as her advice to still turn a profit when pricing is so competitive.  We’ll also talk about her Father, Tom Koetsier, who passed away recently, and the impact his advice had on her future as well as his importance to the Rental Property Owners Association.

I know you’re going to love this conversation with Allison, and there’s a lot of great advice and investing wisdom packed into this episode.  You can contact Allison through her website:  https://www.teamkoetsier.com

or email:  akoetsier@compass101.com

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