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EP206 Coming to America - An International Perspective on Real Estate Investing in the U.S. with Reed Goossens

In 2011, Reed Goossens quit his job in Australia and moved to the United States to become a Real Estate Investor.  He ended up in New York with no job, network or family, all he had was a Gut-Feeling that he could be successful.

Nine years later Reed controls over $150 Million in Commercial Real Estate, is a Best-Selling Author, and hosts a podcast called "Investing In The U.S."  

On Today's episode, Reed is going to share how he made it all happen, starting with his first 3-Unit in a low income neighborhood.  He'll also share how he found a mentor who set him on the path to success, his perspective on the U.S. Real Estate Market V.S. the rest of the world, and the shifting Return-On-Investment expectations that investors should be realistic about.

Reed has found great success in this country, and I'm excited to have him share his story with you.  You can reach Reed through his website: https://www.reedgoossens.com

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