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EP098 How Smart Home Automation can Save You Time, Money, and Increase Tenant Retention with Sean Miller, President of Point Central

When many of us think of Smart Home Technology we picture Amazon Alexa or Google Home turning our lights on and off or telling us the temperature and time.  These devices can be fun and addictive, but how useful are they to real estate investors and rental property owners, and can they improve our profits?

Sean Miller is the President of Point Central, a provider of Enterprise-Scale Home Automation Solutions, and today he's going to tell us how Smart Home Technology is revolutionizing the way Rental Property Owners and Managers do business.

We'll discuss the true meaning of "Smart Home Technology", and how the Analytics and Real Time Property Intelligence can help monitor your systems and utility usage, as well as identify potential problems before they happen.

We'll also discuss the day-to-day practical uses of this technology, such as remotely controlling vendor and tenant access to your units, eliminating the need for keys and re-keying when a tenant moves out, lowering your utility bills, and adding security and video surveillance.

Smart Homes can also benefit your tenants and Airbnb guests.  Units with this technology command higher rents and increase tenant retention.  And best of all, owners and investors can see a Return-On-Investment upwards of 25% of the cost of installing these systems.

I know you're going to enjoy this fascinating conversation.  You can learn more about Enterprise-Scale Home Automation Solutions by visiting the Point Central website:


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