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EP033 Building a Buy and Hold Portfolio, Learning to Landlord, and Finding Your Real Estate Momentum with Josh Sterling

Josh Sterling is a Buy & Hold Real Estate Investor from South-East Michigan.  He began buying Single Families in 2009, and since then has grown his SFH, Multi-Family and Apartment portfolio from 1 to 160 units.

Today, in Part 1 of my interview with Josh, we discuss his trajectory from a novice investor and landlord making a lot of mistakes, to a seasoned professional who owns 160 units as well as his own management company called Epic Property Management.


Josh is happy to share his experiences and stories about learning how to evict tenants, rehabbing properties, raising investor money and overcoming the plateaus on his path from 1 to 160 units.  No matter what level of investor you are, you'll definitely find a lot of great wisdom in my conversation with Josh.

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