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EP269 How Laundromats, Hair Salons and Car Washes can Diversify Your Rental Income Streams with Keith Leimbach

My guest today has spent the last few years building and acquiring small businesses and real estate investments to create diversified income streams.  He’s invested in franchises, hair salons, laundromats, short-term rentals, car washes, and other assets with lucrative returns but not a lot of information available on how to get started.  Luckily, he’s been documenting these experimental investments along the way and will be sharing the details with us today.

Keith Leimbach has served as COO and CEO of several companies and he spent 30 years in the corporate world.  He served on a US Presidential Advisory Committee and hosts the “Diversified Income Experiment Podcast”.

Today Keith is going to open the books on his investments and take us on a deep dive into investing in Laundromats, Hair Salons, and Car Washes.  He’ll go into the compelling financial reasons these assets offer superior profit potential, the cost of build-out, expense ratios, and challenges of the different client or end user.

It’s extremely difficult to find real world information on these types of investments and you’re definitely going to appreciate how transparent Keith is in sharing his data and experience.  You’ll also discover which asset class is Keith’s clear favorite.  You can find out more about Keith by website or email:



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