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EP251 Haunted Houses, Paranormal Activity, and the Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent and Can't Be Evicted with Reverend Gerald Hunter

Welcome to our Special Halloween Edition with all new stories about Haunted Houses, Apparitions, Paranormal Experiences, and the Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent, and Can't Be Evicted. We did something similar 3 years ago on EP#94 and it was one of my favorite all-time episodes.  Today we go even deeper into paranormal phenomenon and I know you're going to love this incredibly thrilling episode!

I recorded so many great stories that I had to break them up into two episodes:  In Part One you'll meet a group of Paranormal Researchers and the Retired Reverend who has brought them together.  In Part 2 you'll get to accompany me to a Real-Life Haunted House in Bay City Michigan.

I want to warn you that some of these stories will frighten you, and some may even terrify you.  If you're easily scared or prone to nightmares, then this is not the episode for you.  Aside from the sound effects I've added in, everything you're about to hear is the actual professed experiences of the people involved.  These are real people, with real stories of paranormal events that can't be explained, and are even harder to understand.

If you own a home, rental property, or business that is haunted or experiencing paranormal activity, then Reverend Hunter would like to hear from you.  You can contact him through his publisher at Thunder Bay Press:


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