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EP120 Following Robert Kiyosaki's Formula: Entrepreneurship, Passive Income and Turn-Key Rentals with Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson knew early on that having a job and working for someone else just wasn't in his destiny, so he sought out alternative paths to creating wealth.

By the age of 21 Jack was running a successful multi-million dollar business coaching clients on effective nutrition and fitness strategies.  Then he realized how profitable real estate investing could be.  Now he's the Co-Owner of High Return Real Estate, LLC out of St. Joseph, Michigan, and he's passionate about helping other investor find high-yield cash-flowing properties and investing in them passively.

Today Jack and I discuss his early beginnings as an entrepreneur, Multi-Level Marketing businesses and the important lessons they thought him in sales and marketing, and the effects reading Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" had on him.

Jack also shares the types of returns he strives for in his turn-key properties, the importance of finding the right team, and the $60,000 mistake he made on one of his early investments.

I know you'll enjoy this episode.  You can contact Jack through his website:


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