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EP226 A Rocketship to Multifamily Success with David Toupin

When David Toupin was last on this show he was well on his way to real estate success as a co-owner of a $7 Million portfolio of 120 units, plus a successful single-family fix & flip business. Well at some point David invested in a rocket ship, because his momentum since then has been stratospheric.

Today David is a Top Millennial real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur.  He co-founded Obsidian Capital with our previous guest, Glenn Gonzales, and has acted as a key principal with over $50 Million in real estate holdings and he’s raised well over $10 Million in capital.  He also designed and developed a best-selling multifamily deal analyzer, and used that as a platform to found a new software company called Real Estate Lab.

You’re definitely going to want to hear why David moved his business from Detroit to Austin, Texas, the importance of financial analysis in deal-making, how he utilizes social media to attract investors, and how you can achieve his level of success no matter where you are in life.

David can be reached through Instagram @realestatejedi or https://www.obsidiancapitalco.com

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