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EP013 Rehab, Buy & Hold, Flipping and Private Money with Patrick Spitzley

Patrick Spitzley Interview:

We've all seen those shows on HGTV where investors buy a house out of foreclosure or auction, fix it up, flip it, and make a killing.  It all looks so sexy glamorous and fun.  But is it really like that in real life?

Today I talk with someone who does rehabs & flips for real.  Patrick Spitzley is the owner of the Spitzley group.  He buys the worst of the worst and goes in with his crew to 'bulletproof' the home by completely rehabbing it top to bottom.  We're going to talk about his philosophy on flipping, rehabbing, building spec homes, private money, and his recent trip to Nigeria and what he learned there that will help him in his investing going forward.

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