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EP029 Surprises When You Sell - Exit Planning, Tax Strategies and Leaving a Legacy with Mark Andresky

Today's episode is going to expand your financial IQ in ways that will help you make more money from your real estate investing.

Many of us get so caught up in finding, buying and managing our properties, that we don't pay enough consideration to what happens next.  Every investor needs to have their exit strategy in mind in order to maximize the money we get to keep when we sell.

Today's guest is Mark Andresky, and he is a Certified Exit Planner and Certified Business Intermediary with Performance Business Advisors, LLC.  Mark also teaches the "Exit Strategies" course for the RPOA.

During our conversation Mark discusses how exit planning can work to avoid surprises when you sell, specifically when it comes to taxes on your profit.  Mark & I also discuss depreciation recapture, which is something you definitely want to be prepared for when you sell.  Other topics of discussion include leverage & risk, entity selection, tax-deferred savings plans, estate planning & leaving a legacy.

Enjoy & Learn!

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