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EP170 How He's Finding Multiple Off-Market Opportunities with Patrick Spitzley

If you're looking for opportunities in today's hot market, and chasing after those that are listed on the MLS by realtors or brokers, chances are you're experiencing a great deal of competition and frustration.  

My guest today has managed to avoid that agony by finding off-market deals.  Of his last 20 acquisitions, he's only gone through the MLS one time.  That's 19 off-market deals that he's been able to find in the past year!

Today, Patrick Spitzley is going to take us through his most recent rehab acquisitions and how he found them without going through the traditional channels.  Patrick is a SFH rehabber and long-term investor who specializes in buying the worst house on the block and turning it into a cash cow.  He's also a friend of the show who has appeared on episodes #13, 87 & most recently #168.

Patrick's going to take us through, deal by deal, how he found these opportunities.  From auctions to hoarder houses, from his insurance agent to a contact he made through the Deal Room at the RPOA's Annual Conference, Patrick knows how to beat the bushes and is going to share his secrets.



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