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EP095 Mailbox Money with Land Contracts, Flipping Condos in Florida, Multi-Family Investing and Why you shouldn't discriminate against Emotional Support Animals with Pat Sandro

Pat Sandro is one of the original House Hack Babies.  The duplex that he grew up in was owned by his father, and the rent from the other unit helped pay for his diapers.  From an early age, Pat was paying attention to the way his father invested in real estate and self-managed the 36 units he'd acquired.  But it wasn't until after Pat became a physical therapist that he realized the true benefits of Real Estate Investing.

On today's episode, Pat shares the good times & the bad times.  From the huge profits he made flipping condos in Florida before the crash, to the money he lost after 2009.  Pat talks about the multi-family properties he's acquired, the land contracts that provide 'mailbox money', and the 'do-it-yourself' management style he learned from his father.

Pat also tells us about the vacant home he purchased and the horrific discovery in the basement.  You'll also learn about Fair Housing Laws regarding Emotional Support Animals, and how Pat found himself in trouble when he unknowingly violated these rules.

This is an excellent conversation about the realities of owning and managing your own investment properties, and Pat doesn't hold back from sharing the good and the bad.  Enjoy!

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