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EP361 How Small-Scale Development Can Create Large-Scale Solutions to Affordable Housing with Michele Williams

Today we’re going to discuss affordable housing and how to create more of it.

Over 10% of the U.S. population lives in poverty and struggles to afford necessities such as housing. Over the past decade our nation has not made any real progress in reducing the number of Americans at risk of homelessness. This has led to a dire need for solutions that increase availability of affordable housing options.

There is an opportunity for small business real estate investors, rehabbers, and wholesalers to use small-scale development to increase affordable housing while increasing their profits and helping their community.

My guest today is Michele Williams who advocates for small-scale development and is on a mission to impact all 3,100 counties in the U.S. through legislation and policies to increase our affordable housing stock by 2031.

Today Michele is going to share the solutions that she sees working all across the country. They include accessory dwelling units (ADUs), small houses, shipping containers and co-housing.  Michele also discusses public policy and her method for changing the zoning laws and addressing the NIMBYism that often stands in the way.

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