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EP198 The Amazing Real Estate Investing Advantage Available to Active Duty Military and Our American Veterans with Eric Upchurch

For many of our American Active Duty Military and Veterans, investing in Real Estate may seem like a far-off objective, especially if they're deployed overseas or moving from location to location without any sense of permanence.  However, if you're Active Duty Military, or a Veteran, you have some serious purchasing power that you may not be aware of.

Eric Upchurch has made it his mission to help those in the military understand and realize the power of creating monthly passive income through real estate, even while they're active duty.  Eric served six years in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and is the author of "Military House Hacking: How to Live Free, Earn Passive Income, and Create Generational Wealth".  Eric also hosts the "Active Duty Passive Income Podcast".

Eric is going to help us understand the incredible firepower of the VA loan, and how it can help our military service members invest in real estate and live for free through house hacking.  We'll also discuss the unique challenges facing our service members as they transition out of service, and how their military training both helps and hinders them as real estate investors.

Whether you're currently serving in the military, or you're a veteran, or you know someone who is, you'll definitely want to listen to what Eric has to share.  Eric can be reached through his website:


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