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EP097 Solving Problems in order to Build Wealth and Cash Flow, Tax Strategies, Buying Non-Performing Notes, and Things to Consider before you Quit Your Job with Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff has figured out a way to build wealth by solving other people's problems, mainly by helping them invest in Buy & Hold Real Estate in order to realize tax benefits that will help them keep more of their income.

Today we discuss the difference between ordinary income and capital gains, how Flips and Rehabs are taxed differently from Buy & Holds, and things you need to consider before leaving your job and eliminating earned income.

Tyler also shares his experiences investing in Airbnbs and non-performing notes, working with the police department to improve his acquisitions, and how he doubled the value of his first Multi-Family Investment in two years.

Tyler is also the host of "Cashflow Guys Podcast" and you can learn more about him at www.cashflowguys.com


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