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EP192 Surviving Bad Partnerships, Negative Cashflow and Rent Control with Seth Ferguson

What do you do when your business partner goes rogue and ends up destroying your entire Real Estate Portfolio?  If you're like my guest today, then you pick yourself back up and commit to building an even bigger & better one step-by-step.

Seth Ferguson is a Canadian real estate investor with 11 years of experience investing in single family, apartments, and helping others as an award-winning real estate broker.  He's also an author, Cable-TV host, and has his own podcast "Purchase To Profits".

Today Seth is going to dig deep and share his most painful experience, the disastrous breakup of his business partnership and the Red Flags he should have paid more attention to.  He's also going to explain 'Negative Gearing', which basically means buying properties with negative cashflow, and why investors are willing to buy this way.

We also discuss the pitfalls of the Canadian real estate market, the differences in their residential loan structures v.s. the United States, and the movement toward rent control and the negative effects it has on real estate investors and housing availability.

Seth also focuses on networking with high-performing investors, and we discuss the common traits he's noticed in the ultra-successful investors.  This is just one of the great chunks of information you'll benefit from in this episode.

You can find out more about Seth @ http://www.sethferguson.org

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