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EP100 The Tables are Turned! Charlie Kao Interviews Host Brian Hamrick for the 100th Episode!

For the 100th Episode we decided to shake things up a little.  Charlie Kao is back in the studio and turning the table on host Brian Hamrick, making him answer the questions this time.

Charlie gets Brian to discuss the new asset classes he been investing in this past year, including office, self-storage, and notes.  They also discuss the different members of Brian's team, and what he looks for in successful partnerships.

Brian shares his outlook on the market and whether or not he believes there will be another real estate bubble, and how he's positioning his real estate assets to protect his portfolio in a downturn.

This is a fun and informative conversation marking our 100th episode.  If you've been enjoying our show over the past two years, please let us know by giving us a rating and review on itunes.


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