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EP273 Goal Setting and Mindset Shifting to Achieve 110% with Master Syndicator Whitney Sewell

When my guest today sets out to accomplish something, he doesn’t just do it halfway.  He goes the full 110%.  In 2005 while in the Army National Guard he was deployed to Iraq…and was awarded soldier of the year.

When he started his own podcast called the Real Estate Syndication Show, he didn’t just settle on one episode a week, he decided to make it a daily podcast.

When he started his multifamily syndication company, Life Bridge Capital, he didn’t just build a portfolio of over 899 doors worth $100 Million, he also decided to give 50% of his own profits to better the lives of orphans around the world and the families who adopt them.

Today Whitney Sewell is going to share his secrets on goal setting and shifting his mindset to expand those goals.  We’ll discuss how hiring a mentor helped propel his investing forward, as well as his ‘why’ of helping to children and adoptive parents.  Whitney will also discuss investing in Colorado and Idaho and the explosive growth he’s seen in those areas.

I know you’re going to get a lot of value out of today’s conversation with Whitney.  You can contact him by email or website:



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