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EP064 How ordering a Pizza told him he was investing in the wrong neighborhood. From Flipping Houses to Building a $65 Million Real Estate Group using systems & team building with Joe Delia.

Joe Delia is the Lead Agent & Owner of The Delia Group, a Keller Williams agency ranked in the top 10 in the state of Michigan with over $65 million in sales last year.

Joe comes from an entrepreneurial background that helped him thrive during the Great Recession.  Joe shares his many adventures in real estate; His experience with Trump University, Flipping & Rehabbing homes in Las Vegas & Phoenix, the frustrations of high-end flips, and the reasons why he avoids cheaper properties in 'D' neighborhoods.

Joe's wife, Renee, is a Six-Sigma Blackbelt, and he discusses how she was able to bring operations & lean processes to The Delia Group that helped them land a huge corporate account with Quicken Loans and complete over $65 Million in transactions in 2016.

If you're struggling with building your team and finding 'A' players, then you'll benefit greatly from this episode.  Joe describes the process he uses to find, hire & promote the best talent and build the strongest team possible.

You can contact Joe through his email at:  joe@thedeliagroup.com

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