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EP123 The Benefits of "Do-It-Yourself" Multi-Family Management with Ric Conkey

Ric Conkey is a true "Do-It-Yourself" Landlord and Multi-Family Investor who grew up helping his father manage their family's rental properties.

Today Ric shares the secrets he's learned over the years on maximizing rent, decreasing turnover time, and marketing to tenants.  He also shares the frustrations of being on call for maintenance and repairs, waiting for cleaning crews, and sorting through multiple keys for his 14 units.  We also talk about laundry income and the pro's and con's of owning your own machines.

Ric is also a home appraiser for Real Value Group and will give you the inside scoop on how to maximize your properties' appraised value.  Ric and I also discuss his epiphany on retirement and how it relates to his passive income from owning real estate.

There are many great nuggets of wisdom in this conversation that will definitely add value and real estate knowledge.  If you'd like to contact Ric, his phone # is 616-813-8952, and his email is rconkey@comcast.net

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