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EP130 Navigating Foreclosure, Distressed, and Bank-Owned Properties with Casey O'Neill from Auction.com

In today's tight real estate market its very difficult for investors and home buyers to find good investment deals.  Believe it or not, there are still plenty of opportunities in Distressed, Foreclosure, and Bank-Owned Properties.  One of the ways to find these deals is through Auction.com.

Today I sit down with Casey O'Neill to discuss the transparency Auction.com is bringing to the distressed market, and the emphasis they place on helping potential investors with due diligence.

Casey also warns of the pitfalls and risks in investing in distressed properties that you may not get to inspect fully before purchasing.  We'll also talk about the bid process as well as the timeline and costs associated with purchasing.  And Casey shares his thoughts on Michigan's Foreclosure laws and how they could be improved.

If you've never used Auction.com, this episode is a great introduction to a potential source of opportunities.  If you've ever bid on Auction.com then you'll definitely find some useful tips on how the system works.

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