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EP235 Short Term Vacation Rentals RPOA Expert Panel 2020

One of the highlights of the RPOA's 2020 Annual Conference was the Expert Panel on Short Term Vacation Rentals, and today you get to listen to this Pre-Covid-19 Conversation.  We assembled an incredible group of experts and investors to help us understand the best practices for owning & operating short term vacation rentals, the biggest challenges facing the industry, and why its so important for the industry to professionalize and improve its perception in the community.

Ed Bodman has over 7 years of experience owning & operating short term rentals.  Ed has become an expert in hospitality, hosting, maintenance, marketing, cleaning, staging, furnishing, buying right, and working with city government to promote his community.

Kim Post has a House and 10 cabins in Cadillac Michigan that will all be converted to short-term vacation rentals by fall.  Currently the House and 6 cabins are online.  

Kim’s been a real estate investor for over 30 years and is the owner of Post & Associates Appraisals and Next Door Properties, LLC

You can hear Kim on Episode #28 of the podcast.

Gary Hall is in his 4th season running an 11 unit as an airbnb motel.

Gary is an entrepreneur, passive income strategist, and the operations manager of Westshore Property Management in Muskegon managing both short and long term rentals. 

Gary was also a guest on the podcast – episode #89 and the Halloween episode

If you're interested in investing in Short Term Vacation Rentals I know you're going to learn a lot from these experts.  You can still join as a charter member in the Short Term Vacation Rental Association for $49 a year by following this link:

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