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EP139 Overcoming The Odds to Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master with Daniel Breslin

Like many of us, Daniel Breslin started investing in real estate after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".  The only difference is that he read it while serving time in prison.

Daniel was able to scrape together $5,000 to do his first deal, and 12 years later he's now the Founder & President of Diamond Equity Investments, a real estate investment company specializing in Fix & Flips and Wholesaling.

Daniel talks about the first deal he did after getting out of jail and how it changed his life, his philosophy on the Velocity of Money and how he likes to get in & out of a deal as quickly as possible, how he funds his deals and vets his partners, techniques on negotiating for the best sales price, tips on marketing to find good leads, and the historical biographies that inspire him.

Theres a lot of great info packed into this episode that I know you're going to enjoy.  Daniel is also the author of the book "Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master: Buy & Sell Houses With No Money Down" and he can be contacted through his website:  www.REIDiamonds.com


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