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EP174 Note Buying Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A with Sue Nelson, Gene Chandler, & Kyle Zimpleman

Performing and Non-Performing Notes.  You've definitely heard us talk on this podcast about this area of investing.  While the returns can be quite lucrative, there are many risks to consider, as well as barriers to entry.  When entering this arena it pays to be well informed.

That's why, at the recent RPOA Annual Conference, we held an Expert Q & A Panel Discussion on Note Buying.  We had three experts there to help us understand what notes are, the investment opportunity they provide, the pro’s and con’s of investing in notes, and how they've each been successful in the single-family and commercial note investing arena. 

If you’re interested in investing in notes yourself, then you definitely will get a lot of great information from our expert panel today.

Sue Nelson is a trainer and coach who has done almost every type of creative real estate deal.  Sue is an expert in commercial, multifamily, REOs and notes, and I actually joined her commercial note training program back in 2012.  Sue was recently a guest on the podcast - episode #162.



Gene Chandler has 45 years of real estate investing experience and is the asset manager for Chandler & Chandler Financial, which specializes in buying one-off and small pools of distressed assets directly from banks, hedge funds, and private equity groups.

Gene was a guest on episode #80, and I was so impressed by our conversation that I ended up investing with Gene, and together we’ve purchased 12 non-performing notes.



Kyle Zimpleman is also a note investor with a mission of helping distressed home-owners stay in their homes.  Kyle is the President & CEO of Expand Capital Group and purchases distressed mortgages throughout the U.S.  He’s also started a fund to help passive investors invest in this space.  Kyle was a guest on episode #151.




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