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EP151 Investing in Out-Of-State Multifamily, Mastering Meetup Groups, and Miracle Mornings with Powell Chee

Powell Chee bought his first Single Family Rental in Kansas City by using his Credit Cards to pay All Cash.  His next purchase was a 40-Unit Multi-Family in Indianapolis, and Powell has been asset managing and improving this property while living and working in Los Angeles, California.

Today Powell and I have a fun conversation discussing the process he went through to find, fund, and improve these investments, and the mistakes he's made along the way.  Powell will share his thoughts on the importance of using financial analysis software, budgeting enough money for improvements, finding out-of-state properties, and doing it all while working a full-time job.

Powell also hosts one of the largest multifamily meetup groups in Los Angeles - "Out-of-State Multifamily Apartment Investors Meetup" - and he's going to share how building this network has improved his fund-raising capabilities and created new opportunities.  We also discuss Powell's daily routines, including the benefits he's enjoyed from doing Hal Elrod's "Miracle Morning".

I know you're going to enjoy this episode.  Powell has a lot of interesting experiences & wisdom to share.  You can contact Powell through his website or email:




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