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EP327 Creating a Unique Vacation Rental Experience by Building Cabins with Alex Jarbo

My guest today has a vacation rental strategy that is quite unique. Instead of buying or converting residential property into vacation rentals, he prefers to build cabins.

Alex Jarbo is a short-term rental developer and manager. He’s also a military veteran and the founder and CEO of Sargon Investments with a goal of building 650 cabins in the next three years. He’s also the host of the popular YouTube channel “Alex Builds” where he teaches the ins and outs of short-term development and management.

Today, Alex shares how he got into vacation rentals by putting his own apartment unit on Airbnb and sleeping in a car for three months so that he could afford to build his first cabin. We’ll discuss the unique experience that cabins offer, as well as the amenities Alex likes to offer. I’ll also obsess over the cleanliness and logistics of offering a hot tub.

If you’re interested in offering unique vacation rental experiences or want to understand the compelling financial reasons to do so, you’ll love this conversation with Alex. You can find out more by going to https://sargoninvestments.com or check out “Alex Builds” on YouTube.

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