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EP177 How He Builds Confidence, Credibility & Rapport with Sellers while Day-Trading Real Estate with Larry Goins

Larry Goins is a visionary, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and educator.  He's been investing in real estate for over 30 years, and has previously served as the president of the Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Today, Larry is not only going to share details on his Real Estate Day-Trading system, he's also going to show exactly how he builds Confidence, Credibility, and Rapport with Sellers.  He'll take us through real-life conversations to illustrate how you can get people to like and trust you, Price-Condition your sellers, and close the deal.

Larry will also share how he builds his lists, vets and funnels his buyers, conducts due-diligence on his opportunities, and the process he follows once the property is under contract.  This is all top-level information that any investor will benefit from.

Larry also travels throughout the U.S. speaking and training students on buying HUD Homes, Virtual Real Estate Day Trading, Seller Financing, and his "Filthy Rich" system of investing.  He's also a noted author and hosts an excellent podcast called "Brain-Pick a Pro Podcast".

You can get a free copy of Larry's book "Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading" by calling 1-877-LARRY GO and asking for a copy.  Be sure to mention this podcast.

Larry can also be contacted through his website at www.larrygoins.com

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