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EP154 How He Made and Lost Millions in Real Estate, Market Cycles, and Qualified Retirement Plans V.S. SDIRAs with Damion Lupo

My guest today is a really interesting guy with a lot of great stories to tell.  Damion Lupo has a 5th degree black belt in real estate investing, and he's a financial transformation architect.  You'll have to listen to this episode to understand what both of those mean.  You'll also want to listen and learn how Damion built up a portfolio worth $20 million, and then lost much of it in the Great Recession.

Damion shares many of his crazy stories about losing money, dealing with tenants, and why his investment career can be compared to the tv shows "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter".  Damion talks about spending over $1 million on seminars, gurus, and mentors, and what he's gained from those experiences.  He explains why he won't do business with anyone in their 20's, and discusses his thoughts on where we are in the current real estate cycle and what might happen during the next recession.

Damion is also an expert on "QRPs", or Qualified Retirement Plans.  He'll explain what they are and the power they give investors over their retirement accounts.  He'll also compare them to Self Directed IRAs and explain why he believes QRPs are preferable.

I know you're going to enjoy this conversation with Damion.  You can download a free copy of his book by going to www.qrpbook.com

You can also visit Damion's website:



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