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EP238 How You Can Achieve 'Time Freedom' through Passive Real Estate Investing with Travis Watts

Today’s guest is going to talk about ‘Time’. Specifically, ‘Time Freedom’ and how you can achieve it through Real Estate Investing.  He’s also going to discuss how you can transition from being an active investor to 100% passive.

Travis Watts is a full-time passive investor who has been investing in real estate since 2009.  He’s invested in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals.  He’s also the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital which was co-founded by Joe Fairless.

Travis has invested in over 27 passive syndications and has made it his mission to share passive investment strategies in order to help others achieve and maintain wealth in real estate.

Today Travis is going to describe his transition to Passive Investing, what he looks for in the sponsors and operators he invests with, Best Practices for Investor Communications, and specific examples of the deals he’s invested in.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Travis. You can contact him in the following ways:

Download Free Passive Investor Resource Guide @ https://ashcroftcapital.com/passiveinvestor-old/

Email:  travis@ashcroftcapital.com

Travis is also available on facebook, linkedin & biggerpockets

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