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EP264 How He's Building Legacy Wealth Investing In Alaska Real Estate with Joe Bell

What does it mean to build Legacy Wealth in real estate investing?  Many of us are doing deals, making our offers, rehabbing and flipping our properties, and trying to make a profit.  But when we look beyond our day-to-day workflow, what do we see ahead of us?  Are we actually building Legacy Wealth that will allow us to retire with passive cashflow and support our families when we’re gone?

We’re going to discuss that topic today with Joe Bell. He’s an expert at helping Real Estate Professionals build legacy retirement and wealth, and he’s the author of “Asset Acquisitions & Abundance: A Guide To Building True Wealth & Legacy Through Real Estate”

Joe has been named in the “Top 40 Under 40” in Alaska, and has been featured in places such as ABC, NBC, Digital Journal, Investor Place, and more. 

Today, Joe is going to describe the challenges he faces investing in properties near Anchorage, Alaska, how he’s using the BRRRR method to build cashflow, and the benchmarks he’s set for himself to build Legacy wealth.

There’s a lot of great information packed into this episode.  You can contact Joe through his website: http://www.legacybeyondlistings.com

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