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EP359 Looking Back on 25 Years of Leading the Rental Property Owners Association with Clay Powell

For almost 25 years, Clay Powell has provided a steady guiding hand as Director of the Rental Property Owners Association. He has led what was, in the beginning, a local mom and pop association to become a nationally recognized nonprofit organization. Under his direction the RPOA advocates for and helps landlords and real estate investors learn the best practices that will propel them to become successful.

Now, Clay has announced his retirement, which gives us the perfect opportunity to look back on the challenges and triumphs he’s experienced throughout his career with the RPOA.

Whether you have an RPOA or REIA in your area, you’ll benefit from hearing Clay describe the importance of these associations in helping investors work through local regulations and politics, while educating members on all types of issues and strategies. Clay also shares his personal recollections of the people and investors who have benefited from all the RPOA has to offer.

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